Drywall Master manufactures a wide range of fiberglass mesh products that are ideal for reinforcing external render and external wall insulation system’s, the mesh provides high impact resistance to all render systems particularly around openings or areas of traditional weakness.

The mesh is used to stabilise unstable surfaces, as well as reinforcing the substrate to help prevent cracking. It is a flexible lattice made from special woven glass-fibre strands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet basecoat render.


• Easy to install, by embedding in to wet base coat render especially for large surface areas.
• Durable and resistant to chemical agents.
• Corrosion and alkali resistant.
• Light and easy to transport.
• Adaptable to uneven surfaces.
• Easy and safe to use and has a triple coated resin coating to prevent fraying.
We can also offer a slitting service to custom cut your fibreglass mesh to different widths for particular application. Render Mesh is an ideal reinforcement for render, particularly where the adhesion of the render may be suspect or where delaminating or cracking is evident. In addition to it being an ideal anti-crack reinforcement for render only systems, it is also widely used on external wall insulation systems. Alkali Resistant Fibreglass Mesh is an alkali resistant flexible lattice made from specially woven glass-fibre strands. It offers incredible strength when embedded into wet base coat render and is light, economical, tear resistant and easy to use.