Drywall Master corner tapes are designed for use on internal and external angles, the tapes are applied using standard joint compound and are perforated to provide stronger joints.

Our standard corner tape is currently sold throughout Europe to a number of market leading drywall product manufacturers. Our drywall products have always led the way in providing innovative solutions to contractors and installers.

The tape is suitable for any degree of angle it helps straighten framing irregularities, resist’s dents and cracking, is easy to cut and can be notched for use on curved joints such as archways and portholes.

Corner Tape Composition:

• Material body: kraft paper, zinc plated steel or aluminium coated strips.


• Roll length: 30m
• Paper width: 51mm

Zinc Coated Steel Strips:

• 2 x 12.5mm+/- 0.02%
• Space between strips: 1.25mm
• Paper thickness: 210 micorn
• Paper weight: 140 g/sqm
• Metal thickness: 0.26mm


• Durability: anticorrosion, 48hresistance to salt spray test(NF EN ISO9227)
• Paper flexural strength: 5239 N/mm(NF EN 13963)
• paper thickness: 210 micorn
• Paper dimensional stability: (NF EN 13963)Length: -0 , 1%; Width: -1 , 2%